Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not quite the Bible version...

Monkey was overheard saying "Take that Herod!"
Evidently the shepherds decided to defend baby Jesus and take on Herod's soldiers.
Those were some tough Shepherds!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

First Nativity Fast...

The Nativity fast really took us by surprise , we were used to having another two weeks to gather everything together. But last sunday the kids asked do we still get to light a wreath.
Some quick emails and a rumage through the cupboard later and we had some candles decorated up.
The kids were properly pleased but my hands are still itchy from wrestling holly and oregon grape.
The wreath that previously held our advent candles has become our Jesse Tree thanks to the ladies at
http://festalcelebrations.wordpress.com/ .

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Saint Martin...

Not our best chalkboard but we had a really nice St. Martin's day.
The rain stopped and we had friends with us from both our new and old parishes.
The lanterns were lit and we pretended we could sing.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Snapshots...

Despite fighting the flu we had a lovely fall, lots of dress up, gardening, nature walks- we checked out the new beaver dam down the street made our own rock beavers and acted out the story of the enormous pumpkin (turnip) over and over. We also went through way too many boxes of tissue and about 50 jugs of OJ.

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Kalamata Dresses...

Iddy Biddy loves kalamata olives- they have been one of her her favorite foods since she was a toddler -second only to feta. When she found a fat quarter of kalamata fabric last spring she jumped up and down squealing in excitement. I hadn't a clue what to do with it but bought it anyway.
Of course then just a month later we joined an Orthodox parish which just happened to host a Greek food fest every fall :)

We had a blast whipping up her dress and apron -of course then Blue Eyes wanted to match- we had just enough to make a tiny head covering and apron.

Biddy worked hard and happily at the dessert table which surprised me as she often grumps about the unfairness of being a Celiac. She did manage to do a lot of dancing though!
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Tasty pumpkins...

We spent most of October sick with swine flu so missed our usual trip to the pumpkin patch for hay rides and pie pumpkins but a friend brought us 2 -enough to make a small but tasty batch of pumpkin puree for the freezer. Monkey outlasted the girls in helping- any chance to wield a knife!
And Valentine enjoyed both the raw pumpkin and the finished product.

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Working Hard Being 2

I have been better at remembering to gear more days to Blue Eyes - being two is hard work that just can not be rushed.

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More fall chalkboards...

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Fall chalkboards

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