Thursday, July 19, 2007

He's got the whole world...

I mentioned previously that I have been letting the dc help prepare materials for our home atrium. Here is the mini-"sandpaper" globe for our geographic presentation. We found a wooden ball at the local craft store. Dd(6) painted it blue then I traced the outlines of the continents with a sharpie and she filled them in with gold glitter glue. The western hemisphere looked great. Unfortunately it hit 105 degrees in the apartment the next day and our eastern hemisphere melted a bit before drying. Still dd was so proud to help out and ds(3) loved "his" globe. Not exactly professional but certainly functional- the point of the presentation came across because the next day ds took out his globe and presented to his daddy all the ideas I hoped he would pick up.
Plus he likes to compare his little globe to the big family one.
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There is always room for one more shelf of books or a cozy reading nook.
Even in teeny-tiny apartments like ours. We are lucky enough to have a wide stair landing -add a shelf and a mini-bean bag and it's reading time. We added a library discard poster of Rosemary Wells "Read to your Bunny" to the wall and some ALA magazine cut outs on the shelf.

We call in the Thousand Dollar Corner-it has our Vision books, Little house Series and Prequels,
Baum, Fr. Lovsik books, Herriot, Lady Bug Magazines and Big Back Yard/Range Rick, Barker, Hague, a ton of various saints books...all our favorites. Plus our Signing Time DVDs. Luckily it mostly came our way second hand or discounted but DH still flinches when some one says "look in the Thousand Dollar Corner." :)

BTW- it never looks this clean in real life!

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